dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Happy Birthday Malin!


For my oldest daughter I made this box for her birthday. I found it on Renata's blog, but there was no description. I found that on Thea's Creations. Thank you both, ladies!

On the inside there are many surfaces you have to decorate. 

And the centerpiece is a cute little cake!
I scanned the Magolia-stamp and made her very tiny :o)

I stamped a greeting on the inside as well and wrote of course some words for the birthday-girl :o)

It was some work, but I think it is so cute, this box, just like my girl :o))

Bye, bye, see you next time!

2 opmerkingen:

scrapfertier zei

Hey Nicole.
Ik heb hem vorig jaar voor mijn moeder haar verjaardag gemaakt hij is heel leuk om te maken daar is je dochter vast heel blij mee super mooi. Liefs Tietje.

Luce zei

Kjempeflott boks i friske farger, og så søtt med den lille magnoliapiken og kaken inni :o)

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