woensdag 17 november 2010

"Mappekort" a briefcase-card

Quite a while ago I saw on Papirgelder.no a very nice way to wrap something delicious. It is what the Norwegians call "mappekort", a so to call briefcase-card. 

It is a very simple card, easy and quikly made. So it doesn't take long before you can decorate. 

Of course I used a stamp, this time this cuty from Hänglar & Stänglar. 

skinn: 170-190-620
hair: 530-640
t-shirt and socks: 390-380
trousers: 200-110
shoes: 080-650
block and bows: 050

And here are just some details. Check out Papirgleden and make such a card yourself. It's such a nice way to wrap up a nice gift in. 

By the way, this was my contribution for the Derwent-challengeblog for the coming 2 weeks. Join in on the fun there also, OK?! You can win a nice package from me this time, all goodies from Kort og Godt from Norway. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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