vrijdag 24 december 2010

Christmas cards 2010

These are the christmas cards I made for 2010. 
Of course I want to thank you for your visits and comments. I really enjoy it! 

I wish you all a very merry christmas
 and a happy and creative 2011!!

vrijdag 10 december 2010

Santa is coming to town!

Yes, you see them everywhere. But they are so nice and so simple to make. The tealightcard. On the club of Janneke was in november a challenge to make such a card. She had a link within the challenge how to make a tealightcard.

This cute little bear is Milton with stocking from Wildrosestudio. I coloured him using these Derwent coloursoftpencils

bear: 560
nose: 570
ears: 170
stocking: 430 - 130

The sentiment on the label is a oldie from Magnolia, the Christmascollection. 

A very nice and simple gift. Please let me know what you think.

zondag 5 december 2010

Happy Birthday, girlfriend!!

In november had my dear scrappingfriend Linda her birthday. Of course I had a present for her and made her this birthdaycard. 

She is very fond of vintage, so I tried to make her a vintagecard. I'm not so very good at this style, but I think it worked out quit allright. 

I used different flowers for decoration.

This Tilda was coloured with the following Derwent pencils:

skinn: 170-190-620
hair: 570-650
clothes: 120-480
flower: 050
shoes: 650

I made a label, distressed it and stamped a happy birthday-greeting on it. 

For the inside I cut out of the designpaper two triangles. 

On the backside I let the tag come back for my personal stamp.

My friend was very pleased with her vintagecard. And so was I!

Thanks for your visit and see you next time!!

donderdag 2 december 2010

A christmas card in red

Another challenge is going on on the Derwent-blog. This time we expect you to make a christmascard using the colour red. Well is that really a challenge. Red is of course THE christmascolour by far! 

This is my exemplecard. I liftet a card seen in the Magnolia Ink from 2009. Thought that was a beautiful design. 

These flowers I punched out with my new Cuttlebug, using a cutting die from Spellbinders. I embossed them and inked them up with some distress ink.

Of course I coloured this golden oldie from Hanglär & Stanglär with my Derwent coloursoft pencils.

face: 170-190-620
hair: 560-570
clothes: 610
socks: 480
bench: 600

To give this card a little bit extra, I punched small holes at the bottom and I did some crochet. That was very fun to do!

The circle on the card is embossed with a Fiskars embossing plate. It was very white in the beginning, so I used a little bit of distress ink here also and sponced the swirls lightly.

Thank you again for your visit. I hope to hear from you!!


woensdag 17 november 2010

"Mappekort" a briefcase-card

Quite a while ago I saw on Papirgelder.no a very nice way to wrap something delicious. It is what the Norwegians call "mappekort", a so to call briefcase-card. 

It is a very simple card, easy and quikly made. So it doesn't take long before you can decorate. 

Of course I used a stamp, this time this cuty from Hänglar & Stänglar. 

skinn: 170-190-620
hair: 530-640
t-shirt and socks: 390-380
trousers: 200-110
shoes: 080-650
block and bows: 050

And here are just some details. Check out Papirgleden and make such a card yourself. It's such a nice way to wrap up a nice gift in. 

By the way, this was my contribution for the Derwent-challengeblog for the coming 2 weeks. Join in on the fun there also, OK?! You can win a nice package from me this time, all goodies from Kort og Godt from Norway. 

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Just because

At the challenge-blog of Derwent you can participate if you want to make something other than a card and use the colour blue as your maincolour. This is my example. Hopefully I can inspire someone. 

The box itself is cut out with my Silhouette.  

The stamps I used are from Inger Harding. I bought them at Panduro here in Norway.

skinn: 170-190-620
hair: 560-580
branche: 530-600
dress: 360-130
socks: 130
shoes: 360
leaves: 490-450

In the box I put some tea lights. We need some light now that it is getting winter, right?

On the sides there are some butterflies. 

Why don't you check out the Derwent-blog, make something beautiful and participate in the challenge. 
And of course visit my DT-colleagues, they have made wonderfull things too:

See you next time!

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Sending warm fuzzies

A while ago I made this card for an aunt. She had her birthday and just loves cats. Thought this was just the card for her. I used 3 different designpapers from Marianne Design and this funny cat from Penny Black.

I used these Derwent coloursoft pencils to colour this kitty:

fur: 600-610
clothesline: 630
paws and butterflies: 180
clothes pins: 030
clothes: 190-200-420-490-
shadow: 360

I gave the designpapers a little bit extra by sewing around the edges. 
It was fun to use my sewingmachine again.

With dark blue I stamped the warm fuzzies right onto the designpaper.

Using some bit of paper, I decorated the backside and stamped my personal stamp onto it. 

Well, what do you think of this naughty animal, laying in the laundry?

Thanks for your visit!

zondag 17 oktober 2010

Trick or treat!

I want to present to you, my Halloween DT-card for the Derwent-challenging blog. We had to make a Halloween-card. This (not so) scary witch is, I think; the little sister of the little dwarf from earlier. I still not know their names....
I want to participate in the Double Dutch challenge

I used the following Derwent coloursoft pencils:

skinn: 170-190-620
hair: 010
pumpkin and shirt: 080
trousers and hatband: 090
hat and coat: 680-650
branche and ground: 640
shadow: 360

The spiderweb is cut out on my Silhouette SD. 

I decorated the inside with a little rhyme I found on the internet somewhere. And stamped 2 little spiders.

To make my personal stamp a little bit scary, there are 2 spiders watching it......booooo!!!

Let me know what you think, OK? I love to hear from you all!

donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Just saying hello...

With the sketch from Friday Sketchers on my desk, I made this card. I'm also participating with it in a compatition on clubs, the Scrap en Stempel club. I got this lovely Magnolia stamp from Lilian (thanks girl!). I think she is just lovely!!

For the sentiment I used a clear stamp which I bended on my acrylic block and then stamped. 

Of course I coloured her with my Derwent coloursoft pencils.

skinn: 170-190-620
hair: 530-630
pumpkins: 080-480
dress and hat: 090-250
socks: 250
shoes: 650

This frame is a die cut from Silhouette SD. Isn't it beautiful?! And with the new software, you can cut it even easier, faster and more precise.

A smaller version of the frame is used on the back of the card with my personal stamp in it.

Well? Let me know what you think, OK?!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya!

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

A happy hello

For the Derwent-challenge blog I made this card. The challenge is to make a autumncard in the colours brown and green. 

I went through my old designpaper and found some pieces and bits that actually matched each other.  For the sketch I used one, I found on the Scrap en Stempel-club. When I saw it I fell in love, I really like it a lot.

This sweet little dwarf I got from my mother. I have no idea what its name is, so if anybody knows, please tell me. Of course I coloured him in with my one and only box of Derwent coloursoft pencils.

Skinn: 170-190-620
cap and pants: 480
sweater: 450
socks: 510
mushroom: 610-590-510
stones: 510
grass: 450

I stamped the sentiment with white ink, but I had to trace it with my white pen.  
It's like the dwarf is saying hello to the bug, so there it is, a happy hello.

Some of the paper I distressed and some paper I left the way it was

I think this turned out to be a sweetie again. So if you too colour with Derwent coloursoft pencils, join the challenge! And of course visit my fellow DT-members for their beautiful cards and leave them a message as well.

Thanks for your visit and (hopefully) nice words!

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