donderdag 20 januari 2011

My daughter gets a......

On my favorite norwegian forum (good for me to practice my norwegian) the Scrapbook Express, there was a challenge with a sketch. And this is the lay-out I made.

I seriously made use of my Silhouette. I almost cut every piece out. The blue borders, the circles, the bracket, the comb and the siccors.

The sentiment is writen in a stamp, put on a large piece of cardstock.

Aren't these adorable? A little brad holds the siccors togheter. 

To emphasize the dots on the dotted swiss cardstock, I randomly coloured them white. 

And this little missy has the same haircut as my sweet girl. 

I would love to read your comment again!!

3 opmerkingen:

*Ellen* zei

prachtig is deze lo met al die mooie details

Kristel zei

Dat ziet er helemaal super uit Nicole!!
Groeten Kristel

Annemiek zei

Wat knap gedaan!
Mijn dochter heeft 2,5 jaar geleden ook 40 cm van haar haren geknipt voor een goed doel. Heel ander geicht ineens bij zo'n meisje he!

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